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April 05, 2013

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It was weeks ago, but I thought I'll blog about my birthday. Simply as a reminder to myself and as something for me to read when I'm all emo and need something to cheer myself up. Mihmih. Now, I have to apologize in advance for these LQ photos. Most of them were taken with my phone, the only picture capturing device I have in hand since my DSLR is acting up. If only I have money to get a new one lulz.
I got a birthday wish note from a stranger! My age was wrong though cause I'm only 22 lol but I thought it was sweet. Thank you, dear stranger. Later that day when I was at a friend's house I was surprised with a cake. Bless them, I was very surprised indeed. In fact at the moment I even thought about running away because I was so embarrassed. Pardon my grumpy face lol I was trying to compose myself. I didn't even take a picture with those that were there because I was an idiot. Thanks guys. I was so very touched.
On Saturday Jiah and me went to Paradigm Mall to cheer for our baby brother who entered a mixed martial art tournament. Despite me cheering loudly with my manly voice, he lost. Granted, his opponent was 10 years older and has far more experience. I'm still beyond proud of my bro though I'd rather he refrain himself from entering such a thing anymore because my poor heart can't take all the violence. But yeah, who am I kidding. Boys will be boys. 
That night we had a small makan-makan session with my family and the usual aunties. We got the cake from Delectable in Paradigm Mall because we there lol and I saw strawberries. I love strawberries! Strawberries and cakes are a matchmade in heaven omg.
And I got two new babies! Left was handmade by Yati and the right is from Jaffa. Thank you girls. Meet Hilly & Billy everyone!

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