Featherdale Wildlife Park Part I

April 23, 2013

My blog has been so quiet lately so I thought why not some super outdated post? Now, now don't sigh in disgust, this post is filled with pictures of cute animals! Who doesn't like cute animals, right? *flees
Look at the deformed koala lol I found it to be so amusing.
So on day 8 we finally went to the Featherdale Wildlife Park. We are both animal lovers so the thought of seeing animals that are significant to Australia made us giddy! Now the pictures are pretty much self-explanatory (hint: I'm lazy to write) so here goes:
 Look at that face so precious omg
My face, well it's not that precious lol
Wombats omg I wish I could hug one but they said wombats are fairly aggressive sobs
 Pelicans are funny lots.
 Aww precioussss
 Nice shot of Jiah with the koala
 Meanwhile I phailed
OK end of part I. The next part will features kangaroos yay.

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