March 22, 2013

I always get depressed on the eve of my birthday. I don't know why, I just do. Minutes before the clock strikes twelve you can find me on my bed, lying down doing nothing but stare at the walls or the ceilings. Random thoughts will cross my mind but all of that will turn into a blur. My phone will be on silent and I will be ignoring the incoming texts or calls, if I'm lucky enough to get any. I don't really expect them because most people don't remember birthdays anyways. Or even if they do, it is all thanks to Facebook anyways.

And what with me not being a big part of their lives. 

I don't know what I'm trying to achieve by being sullen on my birthday. This has to stop. I'm starting to feel like I'm bipolar or something. Cheer up, dear me. You're alive for twenty two years now. Happy birthday.

And make a wish.


  1. happy birthday kiwa. May you have a prosper life and longevity :)

  2. You think too much. Just go out there and have fun for a change. Happy Birthday.


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