DIY: Paper Cranes Garland

February 26, 2013

I was cleaning up my room when I stumbled into a few paper cranes that I folded last year (!). So I thought why not make something out of them and while I'm at it, I'm gonna show you guys how I made the garland:
1. Yarn/thread/strings 
2. Scissors 
3. Needle big enough to thread whatever you used for (1) 
4. Paper cranes 
5. (optional) A needle threader
a. Fold your paper cranes. Here's how. If you can, use recycled papers to save the earth. Mine were pages from a magazine. b. Cut a piece of yarn and thread it through the needle. Make a knot at the longer end. Make sure the knot is not too small. Knot twice if you must. c. Stick your needle into the hole on the bottom of the crane. d. Poke the needle at the center of the crane's body. e. Pull the yarn all the way through. f. Repeat the process with the other cranes. Vary the length of each yarn if you want. g. Cut a long piece of yarn. h. Tie your threaded cranes onto the yarn.

And you're done! Now you can hang them wherever you want and enjoy. I tied mine on the curtain rail:
Happy trying!

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