January 22, 2013

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Witnessed a random act of kindness as I was driving my little sister to school this morning. I was waiting in line to top-up my Touch 'n Go card at the toll booth when I saw the person inside the car in front of me handing out a bottle of fruit juice to the toll booth girl.

That made me smile.

If you know me, you'll know how much I at times loathe the people here in my own country because sometimes I found them to be rude, selfish and inconsiderate, overall the type of human beings that I wish I could just slap some senses into them. Forgive me, they are just the minority of the people here but I happened to always stumble into these d-bags instead of the pleasant, kind-hearted ones. So what I witnessed made me think that: "Oh, so there are nice people here as well. Oh, maybe Malaysia is not really that bad. Oh hey, I love my country."

Silly thoughts I know, not the mention the gesture was only a small one to be this happy for but hey, it made my morning. 

And it certainly made that girl's.

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