Circular Quay

September 30, 2012

*Picture heavy post.
So um, here's the account on my fourth day in Sydney. Sorry if this is boring for you. I'm actually out of anything to blog about so why not blog about things that happened moons ago, yea? So are you good? Alright here goes:
I am still amazed at how I looked like a total giant as compared to my short petite mum and sis in this picture.
The fourth day for Jiah and me, but the last day for Mama and Aunty Gee. So we woke up in the morning and went to the Malaysia Hall located in Alison Road, Randwick which will be the accommodation for me and Jiah for the next five days. 
I looked less giant-ish here yay.
We simply went there because Mama was afraid that we won't find it by ourselves (in translation; she's afraid that we might get lost lol). So there we were, did nothing much but say hello to the clerk in the office and ask basic questions and then off we go. I also noticed that because of the lack of tall buildings, the weather was a lot more chilly there. And a lot more windy. Which I loved and hated at the same time. 
Took a bus to go back to the city and stopped by Paddy's Market again because Aunty Gee and Mama wanted to get souvenirs for their friends. 
Wombats. Wombats are amazing wah.
There was a man outside of the building who'd cut your profile in 1 minute for 2 dollars. I happily went and get mine. This man is darn amazing I tell you.
Jiah and Mama also got theirs made.
The outcomes.
From left: Jiah's, mine, Mama's.
I bragged a little because mine got a sticker and theirs don't hahaha.
Plus I looked pretty and Jiah looked like someone with growths on her head and Mama looked like a grandma muahahaha.
Took the tram to Central Station because we wanted to catch a train to Circular Quay. Because a trip to Sydney is not complete without a visit to famous landmarks, yes?
The Sydney Harbour Bridge! *acts all tourist-y
An aboriginal man playing the didgeridoo
Best. Sound. Ever. So funky I want this to be played on my wedding wtf. 
Should've bought his cd dang. 
Some random dude doing some street performance that we did not know what it was.
Two weirdos who were obviously so stoked to see the Coathanger.
The day very cloudy and gloomy. It even rained at one point so my pictures were all gloomy and dark sigh.
The Sydney Opera House!
And me trying to be level with Mama and Jiah. 
I tried.

Next part coming up soon lol please bear with me hurr so lazy to edit pictures 

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