World's Steepest Railway

August 14, 2012

*Picture heavy post.
Like I said in the previous post, Aunt Marilyn drove all of us to the Blue Mountains, or to be specific, she took us to the Scenic World. But before that, we stopped by a small cafe for drinks and chit-chats.
Aunt Marilyn, bless her, waited for us for quite a while at the train station because we took the slower train. She even brought jackets for us to wear! Since I underestimated the Sydney weather and did not bring any warm clothes except for thin cardigans (told you I was so unprepared for this trip), I was freezing the whole time. Aunt Marilyn's generousness kinda saved me.
Hot chocolate.
My first hot chocolate ever, because I don't like milky drinks.
Jiah finished it for me.
Cute little town.
When we arrived at the Scenic World, we bought the Scenic Pass ($28). More info about the passes here. Aunt Marilyn opted to stay behind at a cafe and wait for us there while reading a book instead so we were left to enjoy ourselves. The first thing that we rode was the Scenic Railway, which is the world's steepest railway! It was a scary ride but I enjoyed it very much for I am a bit of a thrill junkie. It's a pity the journey was kinda short though. Would've ride it over and over again if I had money lol.
No belts or anything, just normal seats and wire cage to protect us from falling over.
The three sisters!
Amazing view, SubhanAllah.
In case you were wondering how the 'car' looked like.
Yes, it is that steep.
A replica of the original 'Mountain Devil' Scenic Railway car.
A replica of the original 'Mountain Devil' Scenic Railway car with weirdos on it.
Threw this in because Mama looked adorable!

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