August 31, 2012

*Picture heavy post.
On the third day, Mama and Aunty Gee were still busy with their conference so Jiah and I went about to explore the city again. We walked with no specific destinations in mind, just enjoying the view and feel of the city. When you're in someplace new, every tiny things become so spectacular to you. Or at least, to me.
Went inside Paddy's Market to get myself a pair of gloves. Kena bayar mahal padan muka sapa suruh tak ready time nak melancong.
 A postman.
 So many beautiful old buildings wah.
We also went to the Queen Victoria Building. The interior was so beautiful and amazing I was very much in awe. These photos did not do them justice, but I tried.
 Australian humour.
Going back to the hotel for a quick rest and to break fast. 
Our haul in food restocking wtf.
Went into World Square Shopping Centre just to find Coles. Call me weird but grocery stores fascinate me. I don't mind walking through aisles and aisles and look at different types of everyday items (or food. Mostly food yea) just for fun. But anyways, Coles are awesome. I kinda wish there are Coles here in Malaysia. So I can eat the choco chip cookies above everyday sniff. 
Went to the harbour at night but failed to get any decent shots cause I'm such a n00b so I gave up and did bokeh shots instead wtf.
Failed at that too *shrugs
Was outside for only a moment cause it was so, so cold. Cannot tahan, really. Can't even hold my camera without shivering. Oooh am gonna use this excuse for my poorly taken pictures
Again admiring the awesomeness of the cookies I bought at Coles earlier. The best soft choco chip cookies (for me) ever. Even better than Famous Amos' and hella lot cheaper.

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