June 23, 2012

*Picture heavy post.
Sooo, it's almost a month after but I've decided to blog about WTKWATICMY. Such a bad blogger I am hurr xD Plus I'm so lazy right now but anyways, here goes:

On one fine day, I saw that groupon was having an offer for We the Kings ticket so I jumped to the chance and bought tix for Jiah, Lisa and myself. I don't really like, like We The Kings that much but then I saw We Are The In Crowd in the line-up and I was like: "ooooh". And Bunkface opening for them kinda made me go 
Le tix.
The gate opened at 7 p.m. but due to some circumstances we arrived there late, around 9 p.m. or so. To my dismay, we missed Bunkface entirely and the act on stage upon our arrival was Oh Chentaku and they were playing their last song for the night. I was bummed, surely.
Oh Chentaku.
We Are The In Crowd then took center stage:
 Ok now brace yourself for floods of pictures :P
Blurry pic is blurry /sigh/
Taylor Jardine is seriously so cute omg ;___;
 And Jordan is well, tall? :D
 Jordin asked the crowd to cross their fingers during 'Lights Out'.
I don't know if us Muslims are allowed to do this gesture. 
I always thought this gesture is like making the sign of the cross for christians but Wiki did not state that.
Any thoughts?
 Ah finally a decent pic of Jordan :3
Seriously Taylor is soo adorable. NoHomo :P
Aaaaaand that's it.
The setlist.
Not sure if this is correct because I thought they sang more songs?
Or maybe not.

WATIC was amazing omg. Too bad I did not took the time to listen to their albums thoroughly and memorized all the lyrics beforehand because I was busy selling shitty coffees wtf. The songs were good, they sounded very awesome live but sadly I can't sing along. SO. MUCH. REGRET. 

The crowd mostly didn't know the words to their songs too because they were soo quiet everytime Taylor asked them to sing along. Except for 'Kiss Me Again', of course. Sigh I hope WATIC did not feel disappointed at us Malaysian fans :(

 We waited really, realllly long for We The Kings but alas:
 Travis and his gorgeous orange locks
 Perfect hair is perfect
 I like his hair so much hurhurhurr
 The end.
The setlist.
We The kings, uh where do I begin? Like WATIC, they were sooo soo good. When they performed We'll Be A Dream, I was like *____* Live music seriously is 107x better omg. I think they were having some technical difficulties because they only performed for a short while. Everyone, me included, were hoping for more but sadly no encore for us. Boohoo. 7 songs are so sikit okei??
Ok just gonna leave you with this picture here.

Final thoughts:
The crowd was quite small seriously so no wonder they changed the venue for the concert in the first place. Maybe because it was on a weekday? And I was also kinda disappointed seeing the state of the concert venue. Sound system was poor. Stage lighting was bad. Even the VIP section was so pathetic looking. I mean I know the organiser must've done their best but I feel bad for all of us because we paid a whole lot for this concert. 

And I hope one day WTK and WATIC will come back because they were such good performers wah.

p/s: Sorry for half-assed post. I'm sleepy.

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