April 01, 2012

What is this I can't even
If they do come, be it the first team, segunda team or heck the juvenil team, I'd definitely, definitely be the happiest girl on earth.
I can sleep with a smile on my face tonight wtf

Update: So they won't be coming after all, due to tight schedules and to avoid player burnouts. Understandable and expected, but I died a little inside. Oh well, maybe next time. :')


  1. yaaarrrghhhhh! i heard this rumour earlier this year, but couldn't verify it anywhere....help, if Messi shows up (you think he would?), I'm going to que up all night, walk up to him and start singing 'Leo, Leo, Leo, goal..'

  2. I did too but it was on some random Malaysia site so I don't think it was legit. But this coming from Barcastuff got me excited lol. I hope it wasn't an April Fool prank by them though.

    And yes, singing Leo Messi Song is a brilliant idea. Time to memorize the song now don't you think?



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