December 21, 2011

Hey, wanna see the most awesome thing ever?

Ta-dah uh-la-la!
It's piggy bank Messi!

I know, I know.
I couldn't stop laughing either.
But then again this was as creepy as fuck.

Wha? You want the one in blaugrana you say?
Fret not, here you go: 
Ah, the cute arms, the details of his face and his beard are just...

If somebody did buy them, I just, wtf.

P/s: Yes, That's cRon down there. Couldn't take the picture because the store owner was giving me looks. Pfft.


  1. why does Messi have orange lipstick on for both versions of the creepy voodoo doll a.k.a. piggy bank?

  2. oh, and by the way, Iker is adorbsss!

  3. Because orange goes well with his skintone? Pfft. xD

    Iker is one of the few RM players that I like. :D

  4. Iker is too cute and sweet to not like...that Ramos guy tu I somehow can't stand, and he reminds me of a race horse too..neigh, neigh!

  5. *high five*
    Yea I can't stand Ramos too. Every Clasico, he'l' get on my nerves. And I still won't forget his brutal challenge on Messi in the 5-0 Clasico. :|

    Oh and other tolerable Madrid players are Higuain and Kaka. I used to like Ozil too but I heard he became too... Madrid :P


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