Happy Meal

November 23, 2011

Hey, hi, hello.

Soooo the semester has started. The last semester. The final torture. I'm not happy, I must say, even more with the sucky class schedule. But yea, nothing can be done about that. And my GPA for the previous semester went public due to a certain lecturer but I'm not even bothered. I felt nothing when I found out about it, albeit I did fairly well. I don't know, I can't be happy like how happy others were for me(were they, really though?). The drama that happened in my life these past couple of months and the attack of anxiety and depression that I felt those whole time have affected me. I don't feel like I am the person I once was. 

Maybe I should try to appreciate myself more. But that's just utterly impossible. Heh.

Oh I'll end this post with pictures of cow things that I found at AEON Bandar Melaka, Wish I could just take them home but sadly I'm broke. Boo hoo.
Asdfghjkl I want them allllll. The cutest plushies ever! *cry*
LOL at the exclamation marks xD How excited.
Their friends.

Note: Yes, despite looking like a grumpy grandma, I love cute things. Pfft.

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