Anxious Disease

October 11, 2011

Hello fellow aliens;
It's been days since the start of my semester break. Which means: yes, I am at home. But life was not all glitters and rainbows for me. I received upsetting news one after another. Sometimes it was so bad I wished it was only a dream. Yeah, that's life for me.
I've done nothing worth noting these past few days. I did make a to-do-list but knowing me, I'll never get any of them done. Instead I spent most of my time on Tumblr, looking at thinspiration pictures. How I wish I am as skinny and perfect as those girls. Sometimes I looked at them a little too much it turns into some sorta depression for me. Don't get me wrong though, I am fine.

I do want to lose some weight and I've promised to myself I'll lose them in a healthy way.
Pray for me, yes?
Bless you.


  1. kiwaaa! u already thin! don't follow ppl, everybody looks pretty in their own way. kiwa dah tinggi kurus okay!

  2. Agree with above comment. Yeah, Kiwa, aku rasa kau panic sangat =_="

  3. @Fafa: Haha Ok2. Kite tak nak kurus. Nak fit. Boleh? :3

    @Farhan: Manada panic. Biasa je. :>

  4. *paranoid would be more suitable. Haha :p

  5. Try sedar diri.
    Yeah sedar diri sounds perfect.


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