Salt In The Snow

September 12, 2011

Just arrived in Lendu from KL a while ago. The house is empty though as everyone is not back yet *le pulling a brave face*. Switched on the laptop because I have a lot of things to do but yes, I'm blogging instead. Way to go, Kiwa. Now my eyes can hardly stay opened because driving long distance makes me tired and sleepy all the time. Must be due to the constant concentration. Sigh. Did I ever mention I hate driving? Still do now.
Oh hey, Tigger has a collar now. I hope she won't get lost again.
Smokee has one, too! :D
I am so going to Rockaway Fest 2011 because All Time Low and Story of the Year will be there!! *dance* I have been their fan since I don't know how long. Their songs are always in whatever music playing device that I have. Man, this concert is gonna be epic. I can't wait.


  1. awaaak nak jugak. buy the ticket for me :( - brr

  2. Seriously nak? Awak balik ke on the 8th?


  3. nak nak. but i need someone to buy the ticket for me. sbb kte kat sni :(

  4. Alamak. Not sure kite sempat ke nak belikan (chances are, nope). Better minta orang lain belikan to avoid disappointment.

    Or awak boleh at the door. But mahal sikit la nanti :D

  5. kalau beli at door, confirm ke ticket tuh ada lagi? :O

  6. Tu yang tak sure tu. Sorry Brr, kite dekat Lendu. Kalau sempat, kite balik KL nanti kite belikan okie?


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