Elephant's Eyes

September 08, 2011

It's already Thursday.
How time passes by now. Yet, I accomplished nothing. Decided to skip my class yesterday because I have this sudden artblock. I stared for hours at my papers and markers but nothing seems to flow through this messed up brain of mine. Nothing, seriously. When I have tons of things needed to be done, my brain decided to freeze itself. I don't know, maybe I'm just too tired.

Or maybe I'm denying the fact that I'm procrastinating.
Maybe both.
Loooooook at this awesome chocolates Ola gave me.
Didn't have the heart to eat them *sigh*

I gained two kilos over the Raya break! I hate Raya. It made my effort to lose weight during Ramadhan seems like a joke. I need to start doing some running. Goal weight, Y U so hard 2 reach?

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