Reds And Reds And Reds Again

July 30, 2011

*Picture heavy post.

I have a 1500 words essay due tomorrow but right now I'm having a writer's block. Or rather, there's more than seven topics I can choose from but none seems to tickle my fancy. Seriously, entrepreneurship does not float my boat. I left my eagerness to challenge myself and learn something new back in highschool. *le sigh*

Then I thought, why not I blog about something. It sure has been a while. So everyone, this is a super delayed post by Kiwa, the epitome of awesomeness.

On 16th of July, I fulfilled yet another goal of mine;

137. Watch a football match in a stadium

Yeap, I went to cheer on the Tigers at Bukit Jalil! *proud* I've always wanted to watch a live game at a stadium but you know how the fans can go crazy sometimes, with the fights and firecrackers and all, so it has hindered me from doing so. But our boys against one of the top BPL team? Count me in!
Pepsi kit because the yellow kit is just, urgh

One of the thing I regret is not bringing Muffin, my DSLR. I thought they were forbidden. But then I saw a lot of people carrying their bulk cameras around and I felt like banging my head on the wall. No, I don't hate compacts, but the one I have has this tendency of always going out of focus. Cih.
We left the house around 3 p.m. and took the trains to Bukit Jalil. The amount of people at the stations are INSANE. I felt so Japanese when we squeezed into the packed carriages. Or rather, sardines. And I hate sardines.
There are stalls selling various football goodies. My eyes sparkled like crazy. 
Imagine if I'm at Camp Nou before a match. I bet my eyes will pop out of their sockets.
Oooooh a white boy in the Pepsi kit! I Loike! *pedo mode: ON*
We sat behind the goal. Not the very best of view, but with a RM58 ticket, I couldn't expect more.
Malaysia's starting eleven.
Oh and I swear my compact is not a Liverpool fan because look:
It just won't get in focus. Why? Why? Por que? *slams the compact, in hopes of Mama buying a new one*
And I sat beside a cute kid. But everytime I press the shutter he looks away. I say hello he ignores me. 
I think every kids hate me FML.
The boys warming up!
I chose this picture to post because of the uncle behind us. 
Look at the sea of people wearing reds. Hmph. Ayem not impressed.
Wasted RM5 for this, and I don't even know why.
The score during half-time.
Seriously, ayem not impressed. At all. Too many reds.
The stadium with the lights on, just because.
This burger was RM3. And the patty is not even Ramly's.

The match was awesome! Eventhough the final score was 6-3, our boys did the best that they could and I could've never been prouder. Watching a football match in a stadium is truly something else.


Side note:
We're out of the 2014 World Cup, but I'm still proud of you Tigers!



  2. Because I love Malaysia more. :)


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