May 16, 2011

Whoa, this blog is getting dustier and dustier everyday. Life has been hectic these past few days, not to my liking. I have many pending posts but since I'm half-assed like this I'm not even gonna bother about them. 

And this post is pretty much pointless but I'm posting it anyway because I can. *smug face* 

Look what Lisa gave me the other day! A 1Malaysia clay brooch!! I'm sooooo happy and ecstatic because I think this logo is like the greatest, the prettiest, if not the most awesome logo ever created by a human being!!!! Just look at this beauty. Jalur Gemilang inside the number '1'. Pure genius. Who would've thought about that? And the greatest selection of typeface, too. Genius, genius.

I always see this magnificent of a logo practically being used everywhere. On billboards, TV, and heck even on book covers. And I always thought that: 'man, I want this logo to always be with me, too'. So thank you Lisa for giving me the opportunity to own such gem. Now I can wear it with whatever outfit everyday. And I'll rock it. It's like the must-have accessory. I'll urge everyone to buy it too so that we can all rock it together, don't you agree, Lisa? Awesome. 
I've added a new card to my card membership collection! Awesome card that'll give me awesome deals! *satisfied grin*
I think I'm slowly turning into an auntie, FML.
Fat fingers.
Nothing really, I just want to remind myself to use a knife whenever I want to open a cup of lychee-flavoured nata de coco or else I will injure myself and suffer for not being able to do anything that involves moving my thumb without me screaming like a hyena.
Beware fellow Earthlings, for Kiwa has bid farewell to her probation license and shall now drive like a mad monkey on the road. And yes, with the 'P' stickers still intact on her car windows because she thinks that they will save her from troubles with boroi-uncles-with-mustaches. Prove her wrong.

And I'm saving the best for last:

I haz my own blaugrana nao!! 
It's fake, of course. I'm still waiting for someone to sponsor me a real one. Or I'll buy it when I'm at Barcelona *dreaming* But for now, this will do just as good.

P/s: No, I have nothing against the 1Malaysia logo. It just doesn't float my boat. And no, I can't design it to be even more awesome so let's just leave it just the way it is.

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