Art Market

May 09, 2011

Lisa and I went to the recent Pipit Art Market last Saturday. The original plan was to go with other bunch of people but somehow everyone got caught up with their lives they decided not to join us. Anyways, the event was packed as usual. There were so many people! I wonder why they didn't opt for bigger venue but I guess they have their own reasons, yeah?

Both of us bought pretty art prints, postcards, buttons and tote bags, which I forgot to take pictures of but maybe one day. I can't wait to stick those prints on the wall of my new room! *is happy* I have nothing more to add so I shall leave you with pictures from the event *is lazy*:
 Can you see me LOL
It was fun, fun, fun!
@Naziera lol


  1. Sampek hati takde gambar at my little shop (T^T)

  2. I just noticed! Sorry Azreen! Next time, I promise :D


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