February 13, 2011

This week after the mid-semester break has not been great. I think I gained weight, again. Dammit I think the current me right now is in the fattest form I've ever become since highschool. I pissed myself and my lecturers off because I was way behind with my assignments. I woke up feeling sticky and sweaty everyday because the heat is just too unbearable. Oh and I got darker, too. Thank you, Mr. Sun.


Right now I have this huge zit on top of my eyebrow which I don't even know why the hell it suddenly wants to make an awesome appearance at a place where everyone can perfectly see it. Attention whore.


I feel homesick. I need to be at home. 


... And to make the matters even worse, Barcelona was held up to a 1-1 draw against Sporting Gijon today. Great, just great. I hope Wednesday's (or in Malaysia's case, Thursday's) match will be better. Visca el Barca!


  1. Those winning streak won't last forever, you know :p

  2. I knowwww but those winning streaks were too awesome. >___<

    Vamos Barca!



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