Drift And Go

February 02, 2011

Tigger has been sick for a few days now. My poor old cat please get better soon. 

Hello dear human.
Here I am lying on the bed facing this 13 inches worth of IT projection (Wtf? Artsy word failmax), too tired to do any of my assignments, too tired to do anything *lazy

No actually I really am super tired today. I spent almost all day driving around Selangor and mostly; getting lost in Selangor. From Genting Klang to Subang to Sunway to Chow Kit (?) to Ampang. Tips: all you need to get super lost is a useless GPS and a dumb driver.

And I am the said dumb driver. *slaps self*

God did I ever mention that I hate, hate driving? I did. And I hate it even more so now.

Yes, get well soon and then you can start scratching car tyres again.
And I won't be mad.

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