February 18, 2011

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*ignore the title. I was watching Junior Masterchef. Foods, hmmm. :P

I am not supposed to be home, but here I am. Yes, call me obsessed but I ignored the fact that we have a Vice Chancellor to greet and drove my ass home, alone just so that I could watch Barca-Arsenal on my TV. Come on, it's two of my favourite teams competing against each other, how could I not watch it? *shifty eyes*

And Barca lost. Boo.
It's OK, the game was great, and I couldn't be prouder of our boys. Of course, I whined and rolled on the floor in despair but hey, I'm looking forward to the return leg. I know we will do great. If by any rare chances Barca stumbled again, it's all cool, I'm still a proud Cule and my body still bleed in blaugrana. *nodding in self-approval wtf*

/The moment when Barca's lead was stripped by two awesome goals from VPersie and Arshavin. 
Lisa & I were obviously not amused. :P


Here I am sitting alone in my living room trying to finish my Interface and Interactive Media assignment that seems so impossible to be done *curses* Junior Masterchef has ended and I'm watching the stupidest reality show ever i.e The Bachelorette because I'm too lazy to reach for the remote. I'm only watching for the sake of company anyways. What a waste of electricity. And I have toothpaste on my forehead because Fique said it's a good remedy for pimples. I feel so awesome right now lol.

/D'aaaaaw I love dogs!

I'm tired. I've been working on the photo montage since 2 p.m. and it's almost 3 a.m. right now but I'm only at the 13th second and I feel like hitting someone eating (damn you Jr. Masterchef!). And oooh the bachelorette just rejected that dude's proposal. OMG such a bitch lolol.

OK I better hit the sack nao because I have a car to wash tomorrow. And listening to this bitch talking is making my ears bleed. I hate the way she talks, heh.

Morning, people.

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