January 28, 2011

I am home, hurray!

When I was still in high school, there's this uncle selling what I proclaim the best RM 1 ice-cream in the world. For RM 1, you can get a cup full of ice-cream with peanuts and chocolate rice toppings. Good stuff. Real good stuff. In fact, I've been eating ice-creams sold by that said uncle since I was in primary school. And trust me, I know for sure I'm not the only one loving the ice-cream so much.

Take Lisa for example.

As I drove pass our old school on my way home from Melaka today, Lisa and I wondered if that uncle is still around. He was. So I quickly parked my car and we both ordered the usual; cup ice-creams with extra toppings. I've got to say I'm glad that even after two years, the taste doesn't change. And the uncle still remembers us! We were such loyal regulars back then :P

It was sooo good we had two rounds of it.

Since we're already in front of the school, I decided to go inside and claim my SPM certificates. But the office was closed for lunch break so we walked around for a bit. A lot have changed; new buildings, new signages, and definitely new faces. We felt really old walking past the students. They were short and innocent looking (some were delinquents-in-the-making, sadly). For a minute there I missed being a high schooler. I can't believe I've grown.


Anyways, this was our favourite new addition to the school:
... Not loving the mustard-coloured buildings btw.
That's my name!
*proud for 30 seconds*

I'm proud of something I accomplished 4 years ago, wtf.  But I'm still proud nonetheless because I used to be smart lol. Btw my name's not on the SPM list because I played too much during my senior years in high school *facepalm*

After hanging around for an hour, the office finally opened and I got my certificates. Oh yes, another thing that hasn't change is bitchy office clerks but nevermind on that they're always bitter and annoying anyways. I'd love to give them obscene finger gestures but I'm nice and sweet like that I didn't.

Or did I?



    Umur pakcik tu dah berapa dohh? o_o he had been hanging around since we're like, what, 8? Creepy.

    AND YEAAAH, bitchy government workers will always be BITHCYYY -.- eh waiiiiiit, kena highlight nama Brr kena salah misspelled sekaliiiii :B

  2. @Lisa: Pfft that made me thinking for a sec. Anyways haritu die pun nampak macam dah tua je. So prolly approaching 50?

    @Nadrah: Eh ada je. Jap kite update dengan nama Brr salah eja xD

  3. Baru sedar ayat kite macam keling xD ummm dia nampak <50. Jom ngorat, nanti dapat bekalan aiskrim for a lifetime xD

  4. Hokay pic updated!

    Pfft awak la ngorat. I've done my part waktu sekolah. Tak menjadi. Maybe I'm just not cute enough.

    Or maybe all we need is Sher. Die kan pakar menggoda.

  5. *lisalaughinglikeasealion.gif*

    I even send the link to Brr so she can witness this pure fail ;p BAHAHAHAHA indeed, yes indeed, even abang yang jual keropok lekor tu pun tergoda dengan dia xD

  6. True that.

    When Sher is around, everything seems so much easier.
    OK apahal?

    Kalau Sher baca ni mesti die marah kitorang cakap die penggoda.
    Or maybe not.


  7. yaaa sejak bila lak name aku jadi khirunnisa? huwaa baik coretkan name kte je kuar dr papan tuh kte lebih sanggup *emo
    mbahahhahahahahahahaha sherry mmg si penggoda smpi sekarang pun :'DD
    casanova sejati :PP
    haha nad emooooo name kau xsedap sbb tuh die x letak booooo xDD

  8. Brr!! Brr!! *waves*

    Bahaha kitorang dah tak larat dah gelak sebab baca typo nama awak tu. At least adakan? Dari takde langsung :P

  9. Ahhahaa! Kesian Brr.. :DD Lisa awak ni yang minat pakcik eskem tu kot. Nnt nak rasa la ice cream tu. Awak bwk k Qiwa :)

  10. Sureee Huda. Tapi dah start cuti kan? Pakcik tu mesti takde.

    Haritu macam kebetulan gile lalu depan sekolah dia ada.


  11. BAHAHAHAH! Kite dah lupa nak cakap apaa, but either wayyyyyy, THIS IS BY FAR YOUR BEST ENTRY, Kiwa xD *trollface

  12. Best entry sebab nama Brr salah eja?
    *high five


  13. heheheeh okay curik gambar!! thank youuuuuu :D

  14. *highfives ;D

    Ehemmm, curi and SEBARKAN! HAHAHA


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