The Youths Playing

December 08, 2010

It was nice to watch the youngsters running around on the pitch, and it was even nicer to watch them scoring goals. And to add more icing on the cake, it was Fontas who scored the first goal! *squeals like mad*

Fontas ILY! And you too, Bartra!

Oh and I cannot unsee Messi doing aerobics warming up on the sideline. It was too funny and adorable! Seriously I don't know how a person can have the heart to hate him.

See? He's so adorable! *hugs*

On other note; this is beyond awesome:


A Barca charm bracelet! Omgomg so cute! I can't picture myself wearing it though, but to own it would be mad awesome! And-and even the Real Madrid one is soo cute! I can't remember where I get this picture from, probably from someone's Etsy store. I love her/him for making this!

p/s: Sorry for doing football related posts. My life suddenly became so uninteresting I feel like slapping myself every 5 seconds FML.

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