Singapore Part 2

December 19, 2010

* Picture heavy post.

Day 3:

  • Sentosa Island with Jiah, my aunt, cousin and two of my cousin's boys (I don't get all these first/second cousin, once/twice removed thing so I'll just use simple terms. English is hard).
  • No, we didn't enter The Universal Studio. We're saving it for the next visit to Singapore.
  • It rains for a bit.
  • Towards the evening I became mad grumpy because of my nose won't stop running and I won't stop coughing and I reaaally need to sleep.
  • Stayed at home again that night while the others went out to eat at a buffet or something. I'm lame.

Day 4:

  • Headed back home.
  • And my fever went away like magic! I swear my body hates Singapore wtf.

OK again with over saturated pictures:

'Pets must be carried'
Dawwwwh the cutest icon ever


Bahaha I never said my blog is kid friendly

OK that's it! :)


  1. cool! banyak giler lolipop ! kite minat lolipop... kiwa ! bila nak bawak kita ke sini ! nak lolipop.tu ~ ahha

  2. ooooo~ "pet must be carried" cool kot! :D errrgghhh. im so jealous of u now cik kiwa. :/ nk g singapore jugak.

  3. @Biha: Lollipop plastik. Nak ke? xD

    @Huda: Jooom pergi jom. Awak ada passportkan? Jom naik bas :D


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