Singapore Part 1

December 17, 2010

*Picture heavy post.

we went to Singapore recently. We didn't stay long there though, only for 3 days and trust me, I want to stay longer. I haven't finished exploring the other 80% parts of the island yet!


I'm too lazy to describe the details while we were there. It was not that interesting anyways so I'll break it to few simple words:

Day 1:
  • Orchard Road. Shopping hub for fashionistas, which I am not one of them sadly.
  • I got sick with a cold so I hit the sack REAL early. What a waste.

Day 2:
  • Stayed at home till noon while the others went to some wet market somewhere. I hate sickness sheesh.
  • Later: Orchard Road again because Aish wants to find some things for himself.
  • Slept early again due to the cold. I hate runny nose FML.
  • But still managed to wake up at 4 a.m. to livestream Barcelona against Real Sociedad which the blaugranas won 5-0 btw. And Messi scored twice. And I screamed like a man because of the grouchy voice I had. I'm so proud of my boys *is happy happy*

There's not many because I was busy wiping my nose but here goes the over-saturated pictures:

See you in 3 days Smokee. We'll miss you so.

Oooooh bokeh!


Look at the person behind Jiah lol

OK I'll stop with my bokeh spam haha

p/s: I'll post Day 3 later because I'm too lazy to edit the pictures although I edit them using photoshop actions wtf. You can't beat me when it comes to super laziness muahaha.

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