Pills Are Not My Friends

December 24, 2010

/via tumblr. Whoever did this is my new idol

I'm sick.
My throat hurts. I feel like there's needle in my throat everytime I tried to swallow anything -- saliva included. It's excruciating (OK maybe it's not that big of a deal but sometimes I wanna whine like a baby too, and you just happen to have all the bad luck in the world to be reading this right now FYL ahah).

My head feels heavy. My body is burning. My nose is running. And my voice is starting to change. It's becoming more manly FML.


I'm insist on not taking any pills because I believe pills are for weak people, and I'm strong wtf. OK I just hate pills. Or rather, I hate myself for not being able to swallow pills. When I'm trying (very hard) to swallow a pill, I will always walk in circle with my head titled backwards, with the pill swimming inside the water in my mouth, hoping it will somehow find it's way to my oesophagus (OK too much details wtf).


I shall sleep now before I post more nonsense on the internet again. You must be happy.


  1. awwhh.. i can't swallow pills too. *high 5!* ;p

  2. OMG geng ah camni!
    *high five multiple times*

  3. haha.. i'd rather x makan ubat if demam. let it baik sendiri.. xD

  4. Haha kannnn?

    Ubat tu dadah tu dadah!
    *in denial*


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