November 02, 2010

/from tumblr
Bahaha I feel like spamming all my blog posts with my collection of Messi's photos from now on.
Oh wait, maybe I really should. Muehehe >:D

Wasted the day watching Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham with Milly. Yes, I should be studying for ATH but since Deepavali is around the corner, we thought this is a good way to get the festive feeling better.

OK we just watch it because we want to. Happy?

/from Mr. Google

The movie was a bit on the touchy side and some scenes almost brought tears to my eyes. I said almost, OK, almost *in denial*. I can't help it, I can become very emotional when it comes to scenes like touchy family reunions.

Or maybe I just missed home too much. Sabar ye Kiwa, hari Sabtu balik eh?


Anyways, to show my utmost support for Barcelona, I've changed my phone wallpaper into this:
Two things that I love in one!

Barcelona will be against FC Copenhagen in the Champions League at 3.45 a.m. tonight. If you wish to live stream, like me, you can click here. Vamos Barca!

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