September 15, 2010

Here come Eid ul Fitr, again. I'm not a tad bit excited, as usual. Not since 5 years ago. Yes, call me ignorant and dull, but really, Eid ul Fitr never really means much to me. It's just the same yearly routine repeating itself. And I've grown tired of it. Plus, am I the only one hating those either overly-sad or overly-cheerful Raya songs? Seriously, IMHO, they suck.

I don't know, maybe I need to look at Raya from a whole new perspective. Maybe I need to go and see how other people around the world celebrates Raya. How it differs from how we celebrate it here in Malaysia. Maybe then I will find and know the true meaning of Raya and then learn to appreciate it more.

But for now, though a bit late, have a Happy Hari Raya, everyone. And Happy Holidays for others.

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