Delayed Post: MTV World Stage 2010

August 26, 2010

*Picture heavy post.
Whoa the queue was super long, I even had second thought about going (Kidding. I wouldn't miss this for the world). So we queued very patiently cause we are after all, good Malaysian citizens. And then something hit us. Rain.

Yes, all of a sudden it started raining heavily out of nowhere I felt as if I was a tiny ant standing under a running tap. At first we thought we'd just suck it up and bear with it, but with our cameras at stake we have no choice but to run like chickens to the nearest shelter, and wait for incoming poncho(s). But many others were so persistent they stayed under the heavy shower:

Pun boleh

Atuk what are you doing here? And ooh, so smexy lol

Then they started distributing ponchos around so after we all got our ponchos (and extra for 'souvenir'), we got back in line. Due to the rain, we limit our picture taking, much to our utter disappointment. But there's still pictures so no worries, people. :)

There were a lot of people there. Well after all 15 000 tickets were up for grabs kan, so figures. We only had normal tickets anyways so we were very far from the stage. Sad, I know.

ZOMG I love you big balls can I take you home? Pretty please?

Wrinkled sausages.
OK that sounds so wrong lol

As people started to pile up, so does our excitement. People started to selfishly shove around others so that they can get closer to stage. Tak guna kau ingat aku apa? Out come the Vjs and soon after, Bunkface took the center stage:

They were good though I find Sam's English accent to be a tad bit annoying. But other than that, they were OK. Really OK. But Malaysian-concert-crowd, as usual, being total assholes and rude and just plain stupid, did the infamous get-off-the-stage-we-want-international-acts-not-lame-locals gestures. Bangang.

Next act: Wondergirls. Urgh.

Boys: droolsweatdroolsweat (bahaha WTF)

Oooh purple lights! I want!

I was obviously not very interested. I know only one of their song and I don't even like that song *Nobody queue in* Plus their songs talk about nothing but how hot they are, or something like that. The stage props were nice though, with bird cages and fake guitars all. And their English were really good, it put me to shame :( And oh yeah I find it really funny because there was this giant Chinese dude behind me, looking so serious during the start of the concert, but sang along very happily (though very monotonic and out of key) to Nobody. :D

After Wondergirls left the stage, the Vjs came out and announced the new Asian Vj, which was a female whom the name I missed. Go Google it yourself if you're that interested. And again, stupid Malaysian-concert-crowd started whining and booing the Vjs because the interval for every act was very long due to some technical difficulties. Come on fucktards, it was a free concert and yet you're still complaining? For fuck's sake it was raining, and problems ARE bound to occur.

I swear Utt looked very pissed with us. OMG MTV please don't stop organizing the World Stage here. Ignore those morons, please. And Utt, I always admire you ever since I was 12. You're my favourite Vj! :D

Huge-ass microphone, I want!

After a long wait, out come Tokio Hotel *insert gay-ish screams here*:

Tom ILY!

Argh too bad we were very far from the stage we can't see them clearly. I kept on failing to snap a decent picture of Tom and Georg. Again, sad, I know.

But anyways, they started off with Noise, and the crowd went wild. We jumped and sang along like crazy. Bill was in his usual skin-tight pants, and looking gay as always, lol. Tom, in his usual oversized shirt, and looking hot as always. Georg, though with no wind-in-the-hair-oh-so-angelic like last time at One Utama, also still look hot *drools*. And Gustav, well *laugh nervously*

Kiwa keji.

Bill with his bike during Dogs Unleashed :)

Screenshots, literally.

Georg! Kyaa kyaaaa :D

Phew, they were awesome live.

Then during the interval before Katy Perry, we left our spot to get some expensive mineral water (RM5 for a 500ml bottle, damn you Sunway). Our feet were tired and we smell funny because of the rain (and sweat, yea), we didn't even bother to push our way up front. Plus the view is clearer at the back. Saja je mengada nak duduk depan-depan.

At last, Katy Perry:

Didn't snap lots of pictures because we were very tired. Anyhows, she has the cutest stage props and she looked amazing. She even threw a big cherry and her tutu, lol. Her songs were really good and I don't even like Katy Perry before. She totally made me her new fan. She sang few of her new songs, plus old-time crowd favourites, Thinking of You, One of the Boys and such.

Her final song, Hot N' Cold ended with the giant balls being released to the crowd. I was mad jealous cause I kept on hoping the balls would come near us but they never did. Katy climbed the stage's structure thingy and finally went down to the crowd. She even pulled a funny face in the end and tried to throw a cupcake. Alas, she skippered happily off stage.

I iz very satisfied nao.

The crowd started dispersing after that, although they announced that Wondergirls will do a late encore. We waited (and camwhored) but it was getting very late and still no sign of Wondergirls. Jiah needs to send Aini and Ning back to UPM so we left the scene.

Overall, I still think last year's World Stage was better than this year's. But the greatest concert award still goes to Boys Like Girls' at Mont Kiara last January. I mean, who can beat a free, indoor concert, yes?

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