Goodbye, Part 2

May 02, 2010

Mood: Happy
Listening To: The Family Disease - Oceana

*insert happy face here*
This is like, only 45% of all my stuff :D
Semester 2 haz officially ended
Well at least for me
Now I'm back in KL, to the comfort of my own home, my own bed, my own toilet and best of all, my Mom's cooking!
Yes, no more eating RM2.50 nasi lemak from makcik akak pukul 6.30
No more eating Maggi Goreng Pedas
Or even Mee Sedaap (I've always wondered what's with the double 'a's)
Or snacking on crackers
NO fucking MORE
I can haz proper meal everyday nao

Finished the ATH paper today
It was HARD and I blanked out big time
For that, I blamed my for not studying properly *shots self*
It's all your fault, Tokio Hotel
No, I'm just kidding
I wouldn't study even if I didn't go to the concert anyways

Just felt like sharing
I'm lame, I know
but that what makes me awesome :P

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