DIY: Cardboard Scratch Pad

June 13, 2012

Many moons ago, I have all these cardboard boxes laying around so I decided to make Tigger a scratch pad! Tigger is such a lucky cat for having such loving, caring, thoughtful and cute owner servant ohohoho. Anyways, I'm gonna share with you how I made it because well, it may be useful.

Trust me, your might need one when your sofas or carpets become the victims of your cats' scratchings. Or if you're lazy, you can always buy one. Many petstores have this. Even Daiso has them. But I'm all for free things because I'm cheap :P

So to make one you will need the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Cutting mat

Now let's start, shall we?
Cut the boxes into the desired length and width. 
Mine were about 19 inches long and 1 inch wide.
Cut and cut and cut until you're sick of cutting. 
Or until you've reached the amount of boxes strips that you wanted.
Start glueing. 
Be generous while you're at it because you don't want the boxes to break apart due to your cats' vicious scratchings. You can use double-sided tapes too.
Stick the boxes togetherrrr.
Stick them till you're satisfied with the size, or the surface area for your cats to scratch on.
Mine is pretty small because I got distracted *sweats*
The princess in action, scratching that pad with no mercy whatsoever.

That's it! Easy peasy. Now go make one for your furkids. They'll be very happy :D

EDIT: You can sprinkle some catnips on the cardboard to attract your cats. Thanks for the tip, Lisa!


  1. menarik2! haha. sofa rumah kte habis dah koyak2 ==" dah usang sungguhhhh

  2. Sama laa. Buat la satu. Mungkin nanti kucing-kucing awak akan lupakan sofa tu xD

  3. Thank you so much, Luna the master of this house, will love it. Letitia~

  4. Thank you for posting this! I saw another design where they sprinkled catnip in between the layers of cardboard and just glued it all together!

  5. Hey I'm glad you like it! That's such a great idea too. I'll update it on the post.


  6. How do u make ur pictures look so good? so indie!!!

    Lany from

  7. Btw Kiwa, I tried joining / signing up to your blog for a few times now, but for some reason it keeps saying that it can't handle my request :(

    1. Hello, Lany!

      I can't, for the life of me, remember what software I used to edit those photos (O___o). Me and my goldfish memory x( For my recent pictures I just edit them using some actions in Photoshop or using VSCOcam on my phone :D

      I have problems to join other blogs as well, I have no idea why. I've resorted to using Bloglovin for now. You can try using that too :D

      Kiwa :D


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